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Apple's Gen AI Integration: A Game-Changer in Tech Dominance

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 11, 2024 10:31:49 AM / by Chris Davies

Apple has taken a major leap in integrating artificial intelligence into its ecosystem with the upcoming iOS 18, iPadOS, and macOS updates. Here's a rundown of what you can expect:

Key Announcements
- Integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT: Apple is bringing ChatGPT's smarts straight into your devices. Now, you can have those "Wait, what was I doing?" moments instantly answered by AI, without even leaving your app.

- Enhanced Siri:  Siri's getting a brain boost from ChatGPT. Finally, Siri will know that when you ask for "that song from Titanic," you don’t mean 'My Heart Will Go On' for the 20th time. Users will be prompted for consent before any data is sent, ensuring no accidental oversharing of those embarrassing late-night search queries.

- Hard focus on security: As Apple are late to the Gen AI party, interestingly they are not throwing caution to the wind, they are effectively attempting to ensure their AI offerings will be highly secure and trained. They are doing this by technically using Small Language Models where data can be kept on its devices via local servers rather than the cloud plus if any data needs to go to the cloud Apple have private cloud compute that keeps its data secure. 

“We think about what it means for intelligence to be really useful, it has to be centered on you,” Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said at a briefing after the WWDC keynote presentation. “That requires some really deep thoughts about privacy.”

New Features in iOS 18
- AI-Powered Writing Tools: ChatGPT will help you write like a pro. Need to draft a breakup text? ChatGPT's got you. Want to sound smarter in your emails? Easy peasy. And yes, it can even create images to spice up your presentations or that "I’m totally paying attention" note during Zoom meetings.

Privacy Measures: Apple ensures your privacy is protected. Requests to ChatGPT won't be stored, and your IP address will be masked—perfect for those who enjoy a little late-night online shopping without judgment.

On-Device AI Features: Imagine your iPhone being able to create new emojis just by typing what you want. Now you can finally express your feelings with the perfect avocado unicorn emoji. And for coders, apps can be built faster than you can say "debug".

Strategic Implications
- Mainstreaming AI: Apple's making AI as mainstream as avocado toast. Soon, even your grandma will be using AI to generate cat memes, taking "what's a ChatGPT?" out of the family dinner conversation forever.

- Competitive Edge: This move puts Apple neck and neck with tech giants like Google and Microsoft. Apple’s like the tortoise in the AI race—slow to start but sure to win, or at least come up with some wicked cool gadgets along the way.

- Cross-platform integration: Here's the big rub for retail financial services, if they get this right, Apple are showcasing how to integrate tech seamlessly and creatively to enhance user experience and gratification. In a industry that is still suffering from legacy and silo driven tech platforms, financial service incumbents and regulators may well have a living example for how to incorporate Gen AI and built a true fully integrated tech eco system that serves all market participants including the client!

With ChatGPT integration, Apple’s new AI features should make your life easier, smarter, and a lot more engaging than it already is. From supercharged Siri responses to AI-crafted texts and images,  Apple devices are about to become your best digital assistants. So, get ready for an autumn filled with AI marvels, where even your tech-averse neighbour will be showing off their new AI tricks at the next industry conference. We warned you! 

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Chris Davies

Written by Chris Davies

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