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Model Office - MO product update #2

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 2, 2016 2:44:54 PM / by Chris Davies

MO is a first of its kind FinTech and RegTech research and due diligence diagnostic platform that helps you assess how your firm is performing against your peers, the FCA suitability rules, relevant final guidance and discussion papers, FAMR and TCF objectives, also incorporating MiFID and BREXIT risks.

MO’s latest outputs are now programmed and they cover:
  • Dynamic steering strategies based on your scores to help you improve them across the 5 keys. MO will provide you with bespoke guidance and resources about how to improve your performance to encourage sustainable, compliant and client-centric practice (Mo's next blog will provide more)
  • MO now offers a performance dashboard across 5 keys: Your Focus, Your Engagement, Your Promise, Your Systems and Your People to encourage holistic business management and people development 
  • Instant benchmark data is available on how your firm is performing against your peers
  • MO now provides a 50 page strategic plan with resources and steers to improve their scores. A ‘lite’ version of which is also available
  • A save function is now available so all your previous results are stored just incase a compliance or regulatory visit is around the corner

MO has also been endorsed and accredited for CPD by the CISI and The CPD certification serviceMO's full platform will go live very shortly. For more information on MO's capabilities 

So why not click the below icon link to the 'Lite' (Beta) platform and learn more about MO today?

Meet MO


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Chris Davies

Written by Chris Davies

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